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Beth Allen is a Motivational Speaker, DIY Expert Designer, Licensed Contractor, and Founder of HIP Chick. 


Who is this Tool Toting Guru?  She is . . .  The Girl Next Door . . .  who you can borrow tools from.  A Ballsy Bold Builder of Confidence . . . and walls too. A Do it Yourself Cheerleader . . .  who shows you how to do it yourself. A Fear Buster . . . with tools to tackle real life.  And a Dynamic Speaker. . .  who is ready and able to help you conquer your fear. 

Beth delivers a brilliantly crafted message about living with self-reliance. This presentation goes way beyond changing flappers on a toilet, it is about changing the mindset in all stages of life.

Michael Port, NY Times Bestselling Author

of  Book Yourself  Solid and Speaker

Home Repair

Made Easy

How to Fix, Repair,

 and Initiate

Home Improvement Projects 101

Flush Your Fears

Potty Talk

Empowerment through Education

How to be in the

Media Spotlight

Learn how to brand yourself for

maximum exposure



Keynote Speaker




Team Building 

Women’s Groups


Teens and College Students


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